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Fully managed IOTA fullnode on steroids

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Private Tangle

Your custom Tangle, fully managed

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Permanode beta

Connect your apps to the most powerful IOTA node


Originally developed to solve the complete loss of a regular fullnode database, the Permanode keeps all transactions when a global snapshot occurs, without any downtime.

Fully Managed

You don't need to take care about fullnode management such as hardware provisioning, software installation, peering, monitoring and maintenance. You can focus on developing applications and deploying on production.

Standard Compatible

The Permanode is fully compatible with the standard IOTA API. You can instantly switch to it to enjoy its benefits without changing your code.

Extended API

The Permanode also comes with its own API, providing useful additional endpoints to speed up your developments and reduce your time to market.

Highly Available

The database of the Permanode is replicated across multiple datacenters to always make sure you get a response to any of your requests.

Private Tangle soon

Easily create your own custom Tangle


If you are developing a Proof of Concept or doing research, your Tangle can be customized to fit your needs.

Fully Managed

We manage everything from bootstrapping the network with a coordinator to upgrading the nodes without downtime. You stay focused on development, not maintaining infrastructure.

Highly Available

Fullnodes are deployed across multiples datacenters behind load balancers accessible through a single endpoint to offer quality with simplicity.